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In the last few years Andrew Adams has been in trouble a lot. In 2009, he stole 30 packs of fillet steak. When caught, he readily admitted the crime and said he did it because he had no money and was hungry. The day after he stole the meat from his local M&S, he was […]

I would argue that my generation has probably seen more change than any other. The change is technology-driven and affects all spheres of our lives, from the micro to the macro. Synthesisers and computers have changed music forever, for example. I can perform music and DJ in a club using a tablet only a few […]

A while back, I was thinking about writing a review of Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’. Not for any particular reason, just because I thought it was a good record, I like pop music, I like writing things and, statistically, at least one of my six regular blog readers will be a Taylor Swift fanatic. But I […]

I was going to write a well-reasoned article. It was going to be analytical and hard-hitting, flawless in its logic and merciless in its execution. But then my dishwasher broke and 6 weeks after paying £180 there’s still a useless lump of metal in my kitchen. There’s also a lump of useless metal in the […]

Sir Humphry Davy Abominated gravy. He lived in the odium Of having discovered sodium.   So goes the first recorded clerihew. For those of you who are uninitiated – which is to say, practically everyone of sound mind and body – a clerihew is a four-line poem with an AABB rhyme scheme. Named for its […]

You’re sitting in Starbucks with a friend, just idly chatting about this and that; not anything in particular, just a conversation sparked off by a chance remark. Starbucks is full but that’s okay, you’re just passing the time of day and enjoying the chance to catch up with a friend. Suddenly, a stranger comes and […]

In the late 1980s, American TV networks were on the hunt. Advertisers were trying to attract those with disposable income, which in terms of a TV demographic meant the fairly intelligent, fairly affluent middle. What that demographic responded to, they reasoned, were high production values, involved storylines, and lofty concepts; the ingredients that led to […]

(This is another one from my old archived blog that I’ve moved. I wouldn’t have bothered except I’m still pissed off that they made such a monumentally bad film for one of my favourite franchises.) Warning: spoilers! Seriously, I’m not shitting you about the spoilers. Poor Prometheus, chained to a rock and left to have […]

(One from the archives. I moved it here when I switched to WordPress, to preserve it for posterity.) Earlier today on twitter, I noticed that I’d been unfollowed by someone who I hadn’t interacted with that much, but someone who I found really funny and enjoyed following. My first instinct was to take it personally […]

For a single-issue party based consisting of mostly lunatic fringe members, Ukip have done very well for themselves over the last few months. In particular, they’ve established themselves as the protest vote for people who aren’t really that bothered about politics but “just want to see something done”. I’m not sure that Ukip or their […]

I’m writing this on Monday evening, a few hours after Ed Miliband’s disastrous performance on Radio 4 this lunchtime. With the other party leaders due to follow suit this week, Miliband has set the bar so low that only an A4 piece of paper could slip below it. If Nick Griffin read out a selection […]

The other day I blogged about Ed Miliband, and in particular the lack of any substance around his policies. I called him an ‘imperceptible icon’, someone in full view that you could hardly see. In looking around the Internet, I see that I was far from being the only person irked by Ed. The obvious […]

The Labour leader gives people nothing to cling to – so protest votes go elsewhere I celebrated Manchester United’s historic 20th league title as any nerd would, by watching Newsnight. I was struck by the argument between Paul Nuttall (MEP for Ukip) and Labour’s Shadow Immigration Minister Chris Bryant as they argued with the Romanian […]

I came late to politics. I could be glib and say that my political awakening was down to getting my hands on ‘V for Vendetta’, and in some ways it wouldn’t be far wrong – it’s where “D for Derivative” comes from, after all. I think the truth is that I have been politically-minded for […]